The 'Know Your Cleaning' courses are a range of courses that teach the basics of cleaning and health and safety in cleaning, including cleaning products and equipment selection, use and safety.

The 'Know Your' cleaning course is the prerequisite course for all our main cleaning courses.

This is a stand-alone course on infection control procedures through cleaning – a little understood area. The course is suitable for healthcare cleaners, managers and staff and puts this cleaning well into context. Much of the course follows from the “know your cleaning” course with additions and substitutions for this type of specialist cleaning so if you find any mention of things which are never seen in a medical situation, be aware that elsewhere has these needs or problems. It’s highly unlikely that you need to know where steel toe-cap boots are needed (but you never know) but you do need more information on sanitisers and how to clean up blood!

None of the course is theory – it’s all been used in practice over the years, so we can tell you that following these procedures will change the way that you view cleaning – not as a process that you don’t take any notice of, but as a technology in its own right which will change the infection control needs of the healthcare industry completely. 

The course is suitable for those starting to work in the house/domestic/residential cleaning business, either as a cleaner or as a business owner. You will quickly realise that professional domestic cleaning is not the same as cleaning your own house You, the professional cleaner, have to be seen to make a difference to the general state of dirt and chaos you will invariably find.  

This unique online course focuses on risk and safety management for cleaners and cleaning team working on a site, and not just a building site but any work place. This course looks at a wide range of risk and safety issues that all cleaners and cleaning businesses face everyday - and must manage by law. Cleaning has always been seen as a low risk occupation, but that myth is firmly dispelled in this course as you progress down the sections. 

The course is designed to make you an expert in cleaning processes. You are not encouraged to spray detergent around and wipe over with a cloth, but you are shown how to clean to very high standards in the shortest possible time. Cleaning is easy when you know how so we ask you to use the information you will have here as you go into each clean.

The aim of this course is to give you the latest up – to – date information on how the current legislation will affect you in selecting and using detergents. Some of the information will be familiar to you if you are using one of the courses but this manual goes further than that and gives you a laymans guide to what you are or should be using, what the issues are around each product type, how they are made and all about the health and safety issues behind each. Finally what do you look for when testing your product? Here’s the testing procedure and what to accept and what to reject.